We could describe Ilune in so many different ways, but we don’t like talk about ourselves, it’s not in our attitude. Words such as green building, sustainability, renewable energy, zero kilometer, biological etc. have always been our philosophy of life.

What we can tell it is that we try to offer you the best of what we do, paying attention to the confidentiality, to the good taste, the good food, trying to give you a bit of what this warm land called Maremma can offer you.

The beauty and harmony should always be cultivated as olive trees, vineyards, orchards and roses.

We chose some sentences to emphasize the pleasure of our concept of hospitality.

Chinese proverb: ” He Who Plants A Garden Plants Happiness

Cicero: “if you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.”

Dostoevsky: “the pursuit of beauty will save the world”

We try to offer you a “sustainable happiness” convinced that in this area is possible. We do not want to give you a dream, as many say, but only a promise of happiness.